Ghost (Ghostwolf is RPing him)

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Ghost (Ghostwolf is RPing him) Empty Ghost (Ghostwolf is RPing him)

Post  Hecate on Fri Nov 23, 2012 10:15 pm

Name: Ghost
Gender: Male
Age: 3 years
Breed: wolf dog
Eye: steel grey
Fur: black and brown like a german sheperd
Scars/Markings: none
Accessories: none
Personality: Kind, gentle, and silent.
History: Ghost is a Wolf/dog. His mother was a German shepard and his dad a black timber wolf. Ghost lived with his mother and twolegs till he was a year old. Then one day while his twolegs were away a fire started. He was outside chained to a leash but his mother was inside and trapped. She died in the fire and Ghost pleaded to the fire god osiris whom his mother told him about to give her back. Osiris sent dreams to Ghost telling him in order to get his mother back he must become one of Osiris's bodyguards(Hellhounds) Ghost accepted but as his mother was brought back he was turned into a hidious dog who was partially dead and was on fire. Ghost has never shown anyone his dark secret before and no one knows about it.
Mother: Zasha
Father: Nightwing
Sisters: none
Brothers: none
Likes: --
Dislikes: --
Other:. Mate is Hecate

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